Do you ever ask yourself why our society has changed so much that you no longer recognize it? Do you question how and why facts you were certain you studied in school are now different? Do you have any idea what is actually in the textbooks used today?

Welcome to the Home of Truth in Textbooks with Dr. Sandra Alfonsi

Would you like to delve into TRUTH IN TEXTBOOKS today? What questions would you ask? Have you ever asked anyone about the influence of Arab Petrol dollars on US education? Do you know that Judaism has been eliminated as a World Religion in at least two textbooks? Are you aware that Christianity is under attack in our textbooks? Are you aware of how your religion is taught today? Did you learn Jesus walked and preached in Palestine? Do you know Jesus and the Buddha are now being linked in the teaching of Christianity?

Do you remember studying Eurocentrism or Afrocentrism in high school? How up-to-date is your textbook vocabulary? Do you understand the meanings and the places of these words in today’s textbooks: Revisionism, Critical Thought, Indoctrination, Proselytization? 

Do you know that what is being taught is endangering our Constitution? What do you know about immigration to America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Did you study about American imperialism or American exceptionalism? What did you learn about the origins of slavery? Do you know what is being taught now and how it breeds racism?

Do you know what Globalism is or how it is being taught? Do you have any idea how the teaching of Islam fits into the teaching of Globalism?

The answers to these troubling questions are the reason we must expose the TRUTH IN TEXTBOOKS.

Truth in US Textbooks – Facts, Revisionism, Indoctrination, Proselytization​

  • Just who owns US education today?

  • The Master Arab Plan – Then and Now

  • The Ivory Tower of Academia

  • Vocabulary du jour: Revisionism, Critical Thought, Indoctrination, Proselytization

  • World Religions: What has happened to Judaism and Christianity?

  • Buddha and Jesus

  • Indigenous or not? The hijacking of the land of the Bible

  • Jesus and Palestine – Did He walk there? Did He preach there? Did He live and die there?

  • Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem

  • Muhammad and the Night Voyage – just where did he go or not go?

  • The Destruction of the First Temple

  • The Destruction of the Second Temple

  • Judea and Palestine

  • The Romans, the Jews and Jesus

  • The Crusades – then and now

  • The Inquisition and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal

  • Islam’s Contributions to Civilization

  • Sharia vs. the US Constitution

  • Islamist Holocaust Revisionism

  • The United Nations Partition Plan and there is so much more…