Welcome to EncounterTruth.com. A couple of quick things. Your information will not be sold or shared with anyone. It is maintained within our company. Credit card information is maintained separately with the credit card processing company only.


We send a weekly email with information about upcoming programs you won’t want to miss. Additional emails may be received if one of your subscribed venues, or a breaking news/special event alert is sent.

Premiere subscriptions, along with any additional venues you subscribe to, are automatically debited each month and may be canceled at any time. All subscriptions are non-refundable.

The monthly Premiere subscription provides access to the Smorgasbord venue where subscribers receive at least one program per month from each venue. Additionally, subscribers also have access to ALL programs ever broadcasted in the Smorgasbord via archives. ALL new Venues premiere their shows in the Smorgasbord as well.

We anticipate growing to 100 or more venues in the coming months. As you discover favorites, subscribe to those private venues and receive ALL of their weekly programs. Joining a venue is just $2.50/month. Subscribers receive complete access to all venue archives. At EncounterTruth subscribers custom design a subscription package of only the venues you’ll enjoy receiving without the excess baggage of those you’d never watch.

[Please note, at this time all subscribers need to be from U.S. accounts.]