This is a great venue to check out if you want to share your thoughts, pick someone else’s brain, and find out what others are thinking on a particular topic. Typically a current event is tossed out to start the discussion and everyone shares their opinions or research they have done. An hour or so later, you’ll be shocked at all the various topics which have been discussed. You are free to participate or just sit back and listen to the full discussion. Lots of things are discussed, some with great depth of knowledge and firsthand experience.

Welcome to Table Talk with Friends

This Venue was birthed out of a natural flow to an unexpected situation. One of the venue hosts had a family issue at the last minute and could not do their program. The people who were logged on and waiting for the show decided to take the topic of the evening and discuss it among themselves. It was an amazing hour and everyone asked to do this again. So be it! Before the week was even over, another gathering was purposefully planned and even more people showed up for it. Once again, we loved it, let’s do this again. So be it! Now it is officially a weekly program of, by, and for subscribers.

Here are some comments from a few of the attendees:

Tim J. stated: It’s like an exchange of information from different viewpoints. It has value one could benefit from. Freedom does not live in a vacuum. If we share our ideals and thoughts, then perhaps we can find solutions to today’s situations.

Gail W. shared: Each of us received information from several sources. Table Talk gave the opportunity to share what we have heard and how to apply.

Gilda W. added: I found TABLE TALK WITH FRIENDS to be very informative. The participants in the Table Talk Venue choose the topics to be discussed and then all participants are given the opportunity to share their vast knowledge regarding the chosen topics. We, who are privileged to be listening, are the recipient of multiple points of view and observations regarding the political state of our nation. I highly recommend this EncounterTruth Venue. 

Mandy M. added: I have enjoyed Table Talk because it’s inviting. It is informative. A great group of people gather to discuss current issues and that has been wonderful during this time of chaos and uncertainty. It’s replenishing to talk with like-minded people who have chosen to educate themselves and share that knowledge. 🙂 

Jason O. input is: An excellent venue for America’s patriots to exchange current events, ideas and analysis at the grassroots level across the fruited plains. Our great nation’s future is the agenda in which a myriad of topics are discussed and analyzed. Participants realize they are not islands in the stream and not alone. A worthy investment of time each week in the lead up to the November elections with professionals and patriots from all walks of life.

Lauren M. injected: I am a soldier in this war in Austin, Texas. The new TTWF session allowed me to share a story of the current Austin ground situation. I gained perspective and feedback on my actions and the situation. Whether that feedback is encouragement, questions, or advice, the exchange with the other participants helps to strengthen each other and share important information. It was a fun break and uplifting.

Kat R. added: Talk about a THINK TANK. Whoa! ET is really blessed to have some great people on board that are bringing a wealth of information to the table. I cannot encourage you enough to check this out.