Journey to Discover Your Destiny

A quest is a long and arduous search for something. The searcher must often overcome many obstacles, challenges, and threats before he finds the treasure he desires. The passion of the story lies in the amazing changes and discoveries the seeker uncovers about himself, his real nature, and his own destiny, as he defeats the challenges on his journey to fulfill his quest.

Welcome to the Home of Dr. Burton Purvis, Kingdom Quest

We are faced with a daunting challenge when discovering the Kingdom of God and its destiny for our lives. There are countless stories of Christian pilgrims who have made their journeys and detailed them for us to follow. However, every story and every journey is unique to that individual. They encourage us, inspire us, and empower us . . . but they do not make clear the basic tools we need to be successful on our own quest for the Kingdom

Kingdom Quest is a biblically-based pattern of discovery for every traveler on their personal journey toward their destiny. Even though every journey is different there are certain basic understandings that are universal and necessary for all travelers to be successful. This pattern is simple, biblical and easy to apply to any life At the same time, it will challenge the way you think, the choices you make, and the very basis of your daily journey. It is a cyclical process that will be repeated the rest of your life with different results each time you repeat it, but always moving you toward the ultimate reasons for why Father God placed you on this Earth.

Every external victory is always preceded by an internal victory. The Kingdom Quest will start with the Journey Inward to discover the fundamental internal understandings you need to achieve the basic victories that prepare you for whatever Father has designed for you in the Journey Outward. The movement from the internal process to the external experience is a constant and ever-changing transition. The Journey In and the Journey Out (JIN-JOUT) is a daily exercise to move the theoretical Kingdom of God into the experienced Kingdom of God into your daily lives.

We will discover the basic understandings of JinJout and the 6 stages that make up the journey. The Journey In provides you with the basic spiritual tools to discover why God put you on this Earth and to heal any of life’s wounds that hinder your progress. When we are finished you will have the internal tools to discipline your thinking, control your focus, and heal your heart to face any challenge that your life might present. Then the extraordinary Journey Out will be as simple as following your passion and using your gift. The world will move and change in response to a person who knows who they are and what God has destined for them to become.

Join with me to discover the Kingdom Quest for your life.

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