“We are living in a time of great turmoil and shaking, all of society is being shaken. The answers that people are searching for are actually just One Answer, a loving relationship with The Heavenly Father! His Kingdom is an everlasting unshakeable Kingdom! His Kingdom Culture is born out of His Goodness, Love and Grace.”

Welcome to Kingdom Culture with Bill Byers

Several years ago, in one of our teaching sessions in Seoul, South Korea, the Holy Spirit brought healing to a lady afflicted with stomach cancer. She connected me with a university professor that requested me to speak to a group of his colleagues in his lecture hall. He was the chair of the “The Department of Cultural Content and Development.” I asked him what subject he wanted me to speak about and his reply was amazing, and I believe it is a subject we must continue to explore for the remainder of our lives. He said that he had been praying and the Holy Spirit spoke to him, “I want to bring the Culture of The Kingdom of God into the university cultural system.” He then asked me to teach on the subject of The Culture of The Kingdom of God. That was quite a few years ago and I now know that we have not scratched the surface of this truth! This venue is a catalyst to dig deeper into The Kingdom and Culture of our God and King. 

We are living in a time of great turmoil. There is a great shaking in all of society. People are unsure of their personal identities in the rapidly shifting cultures arising in the world around us. God’s Kingdom is eternal and it cannot be shaken by the cultures and philosophies of mankind. People are searching for ANSWERS to the questions that are arising in the midst of these cultural upheavals.

God has already supplied The Answer of All Answers! This singular ANSWER is a loving relationship with The Heavenly Father! His Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom and His Kingdom has it’s own culture. It is the culture of His Goodness, Love and Grace. Our identity and purpose are discovered in the reality of this genuine relationship with the Heavenly Father. When we acclimate to His Kingdom Culture, He anchors us in the stability of His Everlasting Kingdom.

This venue is a place where the Holy Spirit will reveal, teach, proclaim and further establish our true identities in God’s Everlasting Kingdom. My prayer is that Holy Spirit will reveal to us both the character and desire of The Father. God desires a relationship with you and me far deeper than we can understand with our limited human concepts. Come with me and we will begin to explore this love-filled desire of our Heavenly Father. I am entering this room completely dependent on the leadership of Holy Spirit. I am certain that now is the time to step into the reality of The Culture of The Kingdom of God ! 

Come Holy Spirit and lead us evermore into Your Truth, Your Goodness and Your Love !