Calendar tiles show you when the programs will be this week and next, who is hosting it, and what their topic will be or who their special guest may be. These are not clickable tiles. You must log into your back office to gain access, as only subscribers have access to these meetings.

Go to your upper right hand corner, move cursor over login or account, drop down box will give you three choices, click on log in. Enter your log in credentials, and then you will see the various rooms you are subscribed to – currently. You can always join additional rooms by clicking on JOIN ADDITIONAL ROOMS on the left side of that page.

Color coding: Green is Smorgasbord. If you see a program in GREEN, it will be held in the Smorgasbord room, which is the main meeting room where each of the venues host at least one meeting a month. If you have the basic subscription, you can attend all of these meetings and also have access to the Smorgasbord archives.

Purple is Morning – Blue is Afternoon – Salmon/Pink is Evening.

We look forward to seeing you online and having you JOIN THE DISCUSSION.

Week of November 18…